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You need a mortgage that's right for you. And that's what we offer, because all our mortgages are individually assessed and underwritten in-house.

It means we look carefully at your own circumstances and try to find the best mortgage arrangement for you.

See yourself with one of our mortgages? Get in touch.

  • Standard Borrowers

    Nothing fancy. No special criteria. Just a straightforward borrower looking to move home, remortgage or take their first steps on the property ladder. Take a look at our competitive range of mortgage products for everyday individuals.

  • Mortgages for

    First Time Buyer

    Buying your first home can be a daunting, but exciting prospect. There's a lot to think about - from where you want to live, to what style of property - and that's before we even start talking about a mortgage!

  • Mortgages for

    Mortgages For Over 60s

    Many high-street lenders refuse to lend to existing mortgage holders where the term would take them over the age of 65. We have no maximum age limit, as well as taking pension income and other investments into account when assessing your case.

  • Mortgages for


    We have a range of bespoke mortgages for both specialist and professional borrowers that could suit your needs.

  • Mortgages for

    Financing a Self Build Home - Ipswich Building Society

    Buying your first home can be a daunting prospect. There's a lot to think about from where you want to live, to what style of property and that's before we start talking about a mortgage.

  • Mortgages for

    Zero Hour Contracts

    For zero hour contract workers, it can often be a challenge to meet mortgage lenders' borrowing criteria - and as such often find themselves trapped in the ever-growing group of ‘Mortgage Misfits’; those unable to access mainstream lending.

  • Mortgages for

    Long-term disabled

    We've been innovative in launching a Suffolk HOLD (Home Ownership for people with Long term Disabilities) scheme, a unique mortgage in partnership with Suffolk County Council, Saffron Housing Association and Orwell Housing Association for those otherwise unable to secure a home loan.

  • Mortgages for

    Getting a mortgage after divorce: the facts

    Our Divorce Mortgage Programme provides support for those who are often overlooked by other lenders.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.